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NAPPA Honors Winner 2008!

What'll I Do With The Baby-o is a selection of great rhymes, songs, and stories to use in play with infants 0 to 2 years. Whether itís for use at a library program, a Mother Goose program, in a daycare, or at home, there is enough material here to engage and delight babies throughout their first two years of development. All of the activities recommended encourage the bonding, early language and literacy, brain and emotional development, and fun that will enrich parents' and babies' lives in ways that will last a lifetime.

  • useful chapters on baby brain development, early language and literacy development, the role of books, rhymes and songs in pre-literacy development, and the ages and stages of infant development for programmers,
  • program planning and presentation tips,
  • resources including age appropriate board books for babies and toddlers, read aloud books for baby programs, and stories to tell,
  • 350 rhymes and songs arranged by type for easy access,
  • an index to all the rhymes and songs by type and by first line,
  • 256 pages,
  • bibliographies for further reading.
  • ISBN: 0-9698666-1-5
  • 13 digit ISBN: 978-0-9698666-1-9
  • A CD of 36 beautiful songs to sing to babies

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