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What'll I Do With The Baby-o?
Cobb, Jane
What'll I Do with the Baby-o? Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Babies
Black Sheep Press, 2007. 255p. (with audio CD). 978-0-9698666-1-9. Pbk. $39.95

Rating: E  = Excellent, enduring, everyone should see it!

If you work with preschool children, chances are that you're more than familiar with Jane Cobb's fantastic resource I'm a Little Teapot: Presenting Preschool Storytime. Jane Cobb's new book What'll I Do with the Baby-o? Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Babies is sure to become a similar staple for anyone providing early literacy programming.

Cobb provides a thorough and quality selection of rhymes and songs for the baby and toddler set. The personal tips and resources from Cobb's own experience –what times to offer programs, to register or not, using recorded music, record-keeping, parent response forms– make this handbook especially useful. The chapter called "Sprinkles: What to Say to Parents" is particularly handy as it provides tips and speaking ideas on explaining the rationale of providing early literacy programs and highlighting the way in which rhyming, singing, storytelling and reading aloud contribute to child development. Sample programs, oral story suggestions and a selection of rhymes in other languages (French, Spanish and more!) all enhance this wonderful book.

This title comes with a CD of rhymes and songs with vocals provided by Natasha Neufeld, Paul Gitlitz and Jane Cobb. Most of the 36 tracks are vocals only and have the feel of what "real people" sound like! The CD is a great resource when trying to figure out the tune or cadence to an unfamiliar rhyme.

What'll I Do with the Baby-o? is an excellent resource for both new and seasoned professionals providing programming for little ones and their caregivers!

Thematic Links: Early Literacy Programming; Programming for Babies, Toddlers and Caregivers; Songs; Nursery Rhymes, Child Development.

–Emily Springer, RESOURCE LINKS, Vol.12, Number 5, June 2007.
"What'll I Do With Baby-O? Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Babies is a sturdy, beautifully organized paperback, its text interspersed with delicate penciled drawings by Kathryn Shoemaker. It is a fantastic resource book for anyone who is a caregiver to babies and toddlers and a bargain at $40. No one involved in an educational setting with parents and children of this age should miss it."Highly Recommended. -Valerie Nielsen, CM. Volume XIII Number 21, June 8, 2007.

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A thorough guide for librarians, early childhood educators, or college students preparing for a career in infant-care professions. Extensive preliminary chapters cover such things as identifying the audience, considering the developmental needs of the babies, and selecting and teaching the rhymes and books. The remainder of the book contains thoughtful suggestions of specific rhymes and songs, as well as comments to use with parents between the songs, rhymes, and books during the program. Several half-hour programs are included as examples. A musical CD provides samples of songs that would be more difficult to find elsewhere. This book is a must-have for those embarking upon "Baby and Me" or "Mother Goose"-type programs. —Blair Christolon, School Library Journal, 8/1/2007
"Her understanding for what works with both parents and children shines through in this incredible resource for children's librarians, early childhood teachers, parents wishing to learn more songs and rhymes for babies, as well as performers who want to be effective in welcoming the youngest children into the storytelling fold."

"What'll I Do With the Baby-O? by Jane Cobb has become my new favorite book in the world."

"I really like the sections of Action Songs and Bouncing Rhymes because as well as talking to your kid, you have movements to go along with it and I think it makes things more interesting for everyone. I've already 'taught' Jonas "Acker Backer Soda Cracker" - he likes it because he gets tossed up in the air!

"Part of the fun when I first got the book was pouring through it and recalling from memory all the little nursery rhymes I knew as a child."