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I’m a Little Teapot! Presenting Preschool Storytime was published in 1996, is still in print, and available to order from Black Sheep Press.

I’m a Little Teapot contains all the resources you need for a successful and creative storytime collected in one book: a selection of only the best books and rhymes to use, and the complete text for all the songs and fingerplays.

  • 63 themes, including holidays,
  • booklists of more than 1,000 picture books appropriate for preschool and primary children,
  • the complete text and instructions for more than 500 fingerplays, rhymes and songs,
  • additional resources recommended for storytellers,
  • a bibliography,
  • an index,
  • 256 pages,
  • charming illustrations.
  • ISBN: 0-9698666-0-7
  • 13 digit ISBN: 978-0-9698666-0-2

Each theme contains:

  • a selection of stories to read aloud,
  • a selection of stories for more intimate sharing,
  • related nonfiction,
  • related fingerplays, songs, and nursery rhymes to link read-aloud stories together,
  • presentation ideas including: tellable tales, felt board stories, and stories adaptable to puppetry, cut and tell, and draw and tell,
  • simple craft ideas and games young children like to play.

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